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I had tail visit again and we were pretty cool each other because we had not seen each other in such a long time. You know, I always have a lot around the ears but from time to time I also need a real meat cock * g His cock has been really looking forward to me and I had to take him right in my mouth. I have his cock so mega sensual and with pleasure blown that he was also rock hard. Nice deep, with a lot of spit and of course I spoiled his balls. I then just put on him up and his cock is then slipped all the way into my tight wet pussy. It just felt cool to have a real cock in me again. I fucked him then a little until he was really horny and has fucked me in doggy by! I love it when you hold on to my little asshole and just push really hard. And then I came pretty fast and cool At the end he sprayed me then a fat load cum on my big tits and we both were happy * laugh a lot of fun with my new fuck video: D
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